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10,000 oxygen machine of units delivered India. Best Oxygen Generator Price in China. High oxygen purity. Low noise.  Easy to use.  Delivers up to 95.5% oxygen concentration. OEM&ODM serive、In stock, Fast Shipping、Free Customs Clearance. Medical grade,Dual flow 10L, 10L oxygen concentrator for sale. Yuwell oxygen machineProvide the best price.

Oxygen Generator Machine MSLZY63 for sale|Medsinglong
Product Name:  Oxygen Generator Machine MSLZY63 for sale|Medsinglong
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLZY63
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Timing turns off function
Compressor pressure relief valve
Power interruption alarm function
Device failure alarm function 
Compressor with over heat protect function

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Oxygen Generator Machine MSLZY63 for sale|Medsinglong



Timing turns off function using convenience.
Compressor pressure relief valve help the device safer.
 Power interruption alarm function.
Device failure alarm function (including pressure/cycle failure, compressorfailure, low oxygen concentration).
Compressor with over heat protect function to gain in safety of the compressor and the concentrator.


  1. Maximum Recommend Flow Rate: 5LPM
  2. Flow Range: 0.55LPM
  3. Change in maximum recommended flow when back pressure of 7kPa is applied: 0.5L/min;
  4. Oxygen Concentration:93%±3% 
  5. 5.Output Pressure : 20-70kPa

Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at:

250kPa±25kPa (36.25psi±3.63psi)

      6.Sound Level:W54dB(A).

      7.Power Supply:

AC110V±10% n60Hz ± 2%orAC220V±10% Q50Hz ± 2%

(Please refer to the specific name plate on the machine)

      8 .Input Power: W400VA

  1. Net Weight: 15.5kg
  2. Dimension:345(L) X 280(W) x 558(H)mm
  3. Altitude: Up to 1828 meters (6000 ft) above sea level without degradation of concentration levels. From 1828 meters (6000 ft) to 4000 meters (13129 ft) below 90% efficiency.

12.Safety System:

Over Current or Connection Loosen: Unit Shut Down

Compressor Over Hot: Unit Shut Down

Pressure, Cycle Failure: Alarming and Shut Down •Compressor Failure: Alarming and Shut Down •Low Oxygen Concentration

  1. Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes
  2. Electric classification: class II equipment, type B applied part
  3. Work system: work continuously.
  4. Normal Operating Condition: •Temperature range: 5°C40°C •Relative humidity: 30%~80%
  5. •Atmosphere pressure: 860hPa1060hPa (12.47psi15.37psi)

     CAUTION: When storage/transportation condition is lower than 5°C, please put the device in normal operating condition more than 4 hours before operating.

    17.Oxygen Output Temperature: W 46°C

    18.Cannula length DO NOT more than 15.2m (50ft) and no twist.

    19.Storage and Transportation Condition: •Temperature range: -20°C~+55°C

    •Relative humidity: W95%

    .Atmosphere pressure:500hPa~1060hPa (10.15psi~15.37psi) CAUTION: The device should be stored with no strong sunlight, no corrosive gas and wed ventilated indoor area. The device must be transported and used in the vertical position only.





    CAUTION: Unless use the oxygen concentrator, retain containers and packing materials for storage until use of the concentrator is required.

    1. Check for any obvious damage to the carton or its contents. If damage is evident, please notify the carrier or local dealer.
    2. Remove all loose packing from the carton.
    3. Carefully remove all the components from the carton.


    1. Examine exterior of the oxygen concentrator for nicks, dents, scratches or other damages.

    2.Inspect all components.


    1.Store the repackaged oxygen concentrator in a dry area.

    1. DO NOT place other objects on top of the repackaged con centrator

    1) If the concentrator has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into liquid, call Qualified Service Personnel for examination and repair.
    2)Keep the cord away from HEATED or HOT surfaces. Do not move or relocate concentrator by pulling on the cord.
    4)Do not use extension cords with this unit.
    NOTE: Concentrator may be used during the initial start warm-up time (approximately 30 min) while waiting for the 02 purity to reach maximum.
    a.Fill proper medicinal liquid in the nebulizing cup (Please follow the doctor's advices or don't exceed the maximum reticle of the nebulizing cup).
    b.Upward pull out the nebulizing cover on the nebulizing interface. (Figure 6)

    Connect the air hose to neblizing cup and nebulizing interface, then turn on the power of the oxygen concentrator, now can begin nebulizing therapy immediately. d.When drug nebulizaing have finished, turn the nebulizing cover right to nebulizing interface for tightening. If you won't breathe oxygen, please turn off the oxygen concentration.
    NOTE: The timing for using nebulizer must follow the doctor's advices.

    e.Pull out the air hose, pull the mouthpiece, downward pull the nebulizing cup's cap, empty remained medicinal liquid in the nebulizing cup, then wash the air hose, mouthpiece, nebulizing cup's cap, nebulizing baffle, nebulizing cup, ripple tube, T-piece, etc, with pure water or immerge them in warm water for about 15 minutes. In order to wash them healthy, you may add some vinegar in water. (NOTE: DO NOT cook the accessories above for wash or wash them with boiled water, in case they'll distort when heating).

    f.After finishing cleaning, must dry all the components before storage. (Nebulizer installment is shown in figure 8).
    (l)Power on
    The power switch is pressed to "I", the display screen is fully displayed, and the" running "light is on. The display screen shows oxygen flow, oxygen concentration, timing / single time, cumulative time, and oxygen concentration entering normal operation state. Oxygen machine working, every few seconds issued a puff-" sound, is the normal reversing, exhaust sound.
    Note: at the beginning of the boot, the oxygen concentration will continuously increase and reach a stable value within 30 minutes.
    The current oxygen flow and oxygen concentration are displayed in real time on the display screen. The flow adjusting knob on the rotating control panel (figure 3/3.3) can change the oxygen output flow of the oxygen generator. Meanwhile, the oxygen comes from the oxygen outlet.
    Connect nasal oxygen cannula to oxygen outlet, the other end match the patient.

    Figure 9
    Note: The time of absorbing oxygen and the flow rate range according to the doctor's advices.
    Note: The disposable nasal oxygen tube is one-time use product, please do not 
    cross-use. For repeated use, wash with a light cleaner, rinse with water, must dry all the components before storage.
    The health inhale time: 30 〜60 minutes per inhale. 2-3 times/day;







    Oxygen flow rate



    Continuous audible alarm sounds

    Stop using the device.


    50% W Oxygen Concentration < 82%





    02 Concentration <50%


    Continuous audible alarm sounds

    Stop using the device.


    Communication failure

    Red alarm light flashing

    Continuous audible alarm sounds

    Stop using the device.


    Power off or unconnected


    Continuous audible alarm sounds

    Stop using the device.

    A Note: Panel shows word "El” “E2” “E3” or aE4M . Total unit shutdown. Switch immediately to backup oxygen supply. Call supplier immediately.

    This machine has the function of timing shutdown and single running time. When the machine is started up, the display screen displays "000 minutes", indicating that the function of timing shutdown is not set, and it is in a continuous running state until the user shuts down.
    Press the button once, operation time increases 10 minute(or Imin), holding the button more than 1.5 seconds it will increase continually.

    Press the button once, operation time decrease 10 minute(or Imin), holding the button more than 1.5 seconds it will decrease continually. When the display screen displays the "timing" character, the product is in the state of timing operation, the timing time arrives, and the oxygen machine automatically shuts down; when the display screen does not display the "timing" character, the product is in continuous operation state, and the single run time is displayed at this time, The range isO/ 999 minutes.

    Note: This machine also has the function of operating memory, can automatically remember the last time ,when the machine shut down the running state of the oxygen machine. If the oxygen generator was in continuous operation when the machine was shut down last time, the oxygen generator was also in the continuous operation state when the machine was turned off; if the oxygen generator was in the state of timing operation, or automatically shut down because of the timing time, when the machine was shut down last time, Then this time the oxygen machine directly into the last set timing time, and according to the timing state operation.

    (4).Power OFF

    During using the device, user can press down the on/off button, mounted in control panel, to stop/start oxygen supply. Take off nasal oxygen cannula from oxygen outlet first, turn off power switch, and then cut off the power source.








    Alternating current


    Consult the manual


    Class II Equipment


    Type"B"application section



    OFF (power disconnection from the mains)


    ON (power connection to the mains)




    Keep Up


    No Smoking




    Keep Dry


    Stacking Limitation



    WARNING: CUT OFF the power supply first to avoid electrical shock. DO NOT remove device cabinet.

    Clean the cabinet with a mild household cleaner and non-abrasive cloth or sponge at least one time a month. Do Not drop any liquid into the seam of the device.


    NOTE: Power should be disconnected before beginning preventive maintenance on the concentrator. The concentrator is specifically designed

    to minimize routine preventive maintenance at intervals of once per year. In places with high dust or soot levels, maintenance may need to be performed more often. The following must be performed at a minimum of one year inservice to assure years of additional reliability.

    Please clean or replace the filters in time, it's very important to protect compressor and to extend the device life.
    ►Disassembly Filter
    Remove the filter cover and take out the filter.
    ►Clean Filter
    1)Clean the filter with a soft cleaner or wash in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
    2)DRY the filter thoroughly before reinstallation.
    3)The filter must clean or replace.
    CAUTION: DO NOT operate the concentrator without installing filter, or while filter is wet. These actions could permanently damage the concentrator.
    ►Clean Humidifier
    1)Remove the humidifier bottle from the humidifier cap then clean the bottle.
    2)Remove the humidifier tube and diffuser then clean them.
    3)To keep the humidifier clean, clean water should be added to the humidifier and be replaced as much as possible every day.
    4)Wash the humidifier once a week, shake it with a light cleaner, rinse with clean water, and use oxygen hygiene.
    ► Clean Neublizer
    Note: Must clean the neublizer after using.
    1)After nebulizing, remove the neublizer from oxygen concentrator. Turn off the oxygen concentrator, disconnect the hose, remove the cap, disassembly the neublizer as shown in Figure 8.
    2)Put all the nebulizer components to warm water for 15 min. (Add some vinegar to the warm water, if necessary.)
    DO NOT cook or use boiling water to clean the nebulizer components.
    3)DRY all the components thoroughly before storage.
    Clean nasal oxygen tube
    It should be cleaned once a day. The nasal oxygen tube should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
    Put all the components to warm water for 15 min. (Add some vinegar to the warm water, if necessary.)
    DO NOT cook or use boiling water to clean the components.
    DRY all the components thoroughly before storage.


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