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Color ultrasound have Color/Anamotic M-mode, CW mode, support phased array probe。High resolution,suitable for diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessel, breast, etc.
Color/Anamotic M-mode, CW mode, support phased array probe。High resolution,suitable for diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessel, breast, etc.Color Doppler is a method of visually detecting motion or blood flow using a color map that is incorporated into a standard B-mode image. The principles of color Doppler are similar to those of pulsed-wave Doppler. However, a larger region can be interrogated, and detected blood flow is assigned a color, typically blue or red, depending on whether the flow is moving toward or away from the transducer. Frequency shifts are estimated at each point at which motion is detected within an interrogated region, thus yielding information on direction of motion and velocity. Shades of blue or red are used to reflect the relative velocities of the blood flow. All stationary objects are represented on a gray scale, as in B-mode imaging. The benefit of color Doppler is that information on the direction and relative velocity of blood flow can be obtained. Color Doppler is limited by its dependence on the relative angle of the transducer to the blood flow.


Cardiac vascular color doppler ultrasound machines
Human and animal dual-use portable color ultrasound machine MSLCU78
3d 4D ultrasound machine scanner price MSLCU46A best Color Doppler for sale
Best 4d trolley sonography ultrasound machine price MSLCU46A
New intelligent speckle noise suppression imaging technology.
Both WiFi and USB connect as you can choose. Use with your Android phone, Laptop, iPhone or iPad.
Micro Color Doppler Ultrasound System MSLPU72
Wireless Double Heads 3 in 1 Color Doppler Ultrasound Probe MSLAA114
19-inch high resolution medical LED monitor,104-inch touch screen,Standard configured gel heating cup and so on.
Specification: *Probe Type: Consist by Microconvex, Linear *Scanning mode: Electronic array *Display mode: B, B/M, color doppler version with B+Color, B+PDI, B+PW *Probe element: 128 *Channel of RF circuit board: 32
Adopts advanced foreign technology, and is based on computer and front-end ultrasound image processing technology combined with both domestic and foreign Equipped with the function of general ultrasound image scanning, measurement, calculation, display, query, body mark, annotate, print, medical records storage etc With a large-screen LCD color monitor, flicker-free, high image sensitivity, high resolution, rich gray scale and clear levels
High Resolution Imaging System Easy-operation Ergonomic Design Better Optimize Image Quality Smart and Light -Weight Design
Multi-application: abdomen, OB/GYN, small parts, peripheral vessels, urology, cardiac,rectum, pediatric, orthopedic, galactophore, intra-operative, ultrasound guided biopsy.
Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, dynamic real time receiving focusing, RDA, spectral processing, CFM processing, real-time dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture in all fields
New touch screen vet ultrasound scanner machine MSLVU40 for sale
physical spec: System Dimension: Height: 402mm Width: 385mm Depth: 98mm
System Dimension: Height: 402 mm Width: 385mm Depth: 53mm Weight: Around 4.5 kg (Include Battery) Materials of systems Fireproofing and anti‐corrosion ABS
Probe Type: Consist by two of Convex, Microconvex, Linear, Small Linear, Transvaginal
Monitor : Medical high resolution monitor Resolution: 1920*1080 Viewing angle: 178°(horizontal), 178°(vertical) Swivel angle: ±45° Up/down angle: -90° to 25

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