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Automated blood analyzer is one kind of our blood analyzer and even is really a bargain with high quality, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other blood analyzer such as portable blood analyzer, blood coagulation analyzer, blood pressure analyzer, blood lactate analyzer, blood cell analyzer, handheld blood analyzer, veterinary blood analyzer, blood gas analyzer.

Automatic Hematology Analyzer BF-6800 has accurate & reliable Results,flexible & intelligent Screening and so on.
Adopting the main stream 5-part differential technology,semiconductor laser combined with cytochemical staining.Cyanide-free hemoglobin reagents shall be safe &environmental-friendly.
Easy Maintenance: 1.Zap and backflush cleaning system to prevent apertures blocking 2.Special boot program to rinse pipelines and probe automatically. 3.Only 3 reagents involving test
Auto Hematology Analyzer BC-20 is a quantitative, automated hematology analyzer and 3-part differential counter for in Vitro Diagnostic Use in clinical laboratories.
7-inch Blood Dynamic Full Automatic ESR/HCT Analyzer machine MSLXC03
Compact design to save space Auto Hematology Analyzer MSLAB45
With touch screen Fully Automated Hematology URIT-5160
Linux operation system Auto Hematology Analyzer URIT-3000Vet Plus
Large color LCD display Auto Hematology Analyzer URIT-2900Plus
Compatibility : 1)Two modes of sampling:Whole blood, pre-diluted blood 2)Three modes of test: CBC, CBC+5Diff and CBC+5Diff+RRBC 3)Extential printer or thermal printer 4)4 USB, 1 LAN support protocol HL7 and compatible with LIS system 5)Accompanying quality control material
Compatibility 1)Two modes of sampling: Whole blood, pre-diluted blood 2)Build-in thermal printer, extential laser printer or inkjet printer; 3)4 USB, 1 LAN support protocol HL7 and compatible with LIS system 4)Accompanying quality control material
Whole blood mode, Prediluted mode and Capillary whole blood mode 60 samples per hour 10.4 inch touch screen
Product Introduction: Hematology analyzer , also called as blood cell analyzer in clinical. It refers to a clinical inspection equipment which can analysis the heterogeneity of a certain volume whole blood cells automatically.
Function: Automated WBC 3-differential, 23 parameters with 3 histograms(WBC, RBC, PLT) Principal: Electronic impedance, SFT method for hemoglobin
Function: Automated WBC 3-Part Analysis Mode: Optional venous blood, anticoagulant blood and prediluted blood
Principle: Impedance for cell counting Cyanide-free method for HGB Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Printout: Thermal printer, support external printer
Throughput: 60 samples/hour Principle: Tri-angle laser scattering and sheath flow for WBC differentiation andc counting, impedance for RBC and PLT, cyanide-free method for HGB Channels:2 Aperture diameter:RBC/PLT chamber: 70um
3-part differentiation of WBC Double Chambers for WBC and RBC/PLT Throughout: 60 samples per hour Intelligent reagent management function:Reagent information and residual display Strong data management system
Prlnclple: Electrical resistance for counting WBC, RBC and PLT Sample Volume: Whole Blood 9. 8pL PreAiluted Blood 20pL,Peripheral Blood] 9. BpL Operating Environment: Temperature 1 5 C-35 C ; Humidity 580%

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