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MSL all cheap medical equipment collect for sale

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Cheap medical equipment supplier / Durable medical equipment for sale
Super-resolution imaging auto fundus camera machine MSLAFC01 for sale
MSL-269is the handheld version of vascular imaging navigation instruments
17 x 17-inch Cassette-size Flat Panel Detector
17 x 17-inch Cassette-size Flat Panel Detector
High-definition optical imageing system make the vein visualization more better.
Highly recommended by INS Infusion therapy standards practice 22.1 To ensure patient safey
Ultra-light X-ray System machine with Flat panel detector MSLHX19
Small square Multi-use Surgical Burns Skin Graft Mesher MSLSGM02
Electronic Sphygmomanometer,High-definition color LCD display,supply English/Chinese interface
Full-Automatic Fluorescence Immunochromatography sensitive and accurate MSLIF11
Easy Fast Quantitative Fluorescence Immunochromatography machine MSLIF10
Measurement Range:20-600mg/dL or 1-33.3mmol/L Blood sample:Fresh capillary whole blood Blood valume:0.6μl Test time:10 seconds
Description of equipment: mainly used in pigs, sheep and other animals.
Workable with Tablet or Smart Phone Built-in and replaceable battery Advanced digital imaging technology, clear image

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