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Our veterinary anesthesia equipment includes animal oxygen masks, veterinary anesthesia machine, veterinary anesthesia ventilator, etc. You could also find other veterinary medical equipment, such as Veterinary x-ray machine, veterinary ultrasound scanner, veterinary ventilator, veterinary operation table, veterinary analyzer, veterinary cage, veterinary ECG, veterinary patient monitor.

Portable Veterinary Anesthesia machine MSLBS266|Medsinglong
Product Name:  Portable Veterinary Anesthesia machine MSLBS266|Medsinglong
Latest Price:
Model No.:  MSLBS266
Weight:  Net weight: Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

Compact light-weight and portable,
Auto anesthesia ventilation management
system with respiration mode:IPPv,manuel mode
Suitable for small animals
Oxygen flush function 
Anaesthesia CO2 absorber assembly has no deadangle design
open loop and closed loop anaesthesia design
The hard aluminum solid shell is used

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


Vet Anaesthesia Machine

Dolphinmed delivery high precious veterinary anaesthesia equipment with ventilation manage
system . It is suitable for animal hospital, pet clinic and animal laboratory. This technical index ofanimal anaesthesia machine can meet the needs of general anesthesia and medical research on
mice, dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, sheep and other animals in animal laboratory.
 Compact light-weight and portable, could be transported by pull-rod case, put on table and
assembly on the trolley.
 With auto anesthesia ventilation managementsystem with respiration mode:IPPv,manuel mode
 Suitable for small animals, Non-breathing circuit(Jackson or Bains Absorber) is available
 Selectatec-bar and quick change vaporizer mounting device
 Professional airtight breathing circuit design,provide the stable gas anesthesia, save anesthesia gas consumption, to ensure a cleanoperating room and laboratory environment.
 External and reusable soda lime canister, easily watch and replace soda lime.
 With Oxygen flush function to ensure that clinical anesthesia demand and Oxygen supply demand.
Anaesthesia CO2 absorber assembly has no deadangle design, fast anesthesia, short recovery and
high precision. The CO2 absorber supports both open loop and closed loop anaesthesia design
and provides independent access .
 Provide a special Pop-Off valve,Occlusion design, it can connected tothe exhaust gas recovery system and provide a continuous 2 cmH2O negative pressure for the reaspirato airbag ,reducing valve to preventpressure to hurt the animal, ensure the animal safety .
 Provides an accurate oxygen flow meter with a display range of 0 to4LPM
 Vaporizer: the output concentration is not affected by the change of flow,pressure and temperature, accurate and reliable, equipped with safetylocking device to prevent
anesthetic leakage. Isoflurane,sevoflurane and halothane vaporizer are
The hard aluminum solid shell is used, and the surface sanding treatmentis adopted, so that the cleaning and disinfection are more convenient.
 Visible inspiration and expiration valve
With fresh gas output connector ,specifically designed to accomodatelow flow

Technical Specification
Application 0.5-100kg animal
Respiration mode IPPV,Manuel
Ventilation mode Open Closed,half-closed,half-open
Tidal volume 10-2000ml
Oxygen source pressure 0.25~0.65Mpa
Gas source pressure
monitoring scope
Airway pressure scope -30~60CMH2O
Flow Control 0-4L/min
Oxygen Flush 35L/min~75L/min
Pop off valve Directs the waste anesthetic gas from the machine to a scavenging
system. In the completely open position, the pop-off valve will
release pressure at 2 cm H2O, while maintain a constant passive
volume in the breathing bags.
Inspiration impedance ≦0.6Kpa
Expiration impedance ≦0.6Kpa
Absorption tank capacity 700ml
Monitoring Tidal volume,Airway pressure,Gas source pressure
monitoring,,breathing rate,I:E ratio,
I:E Adjustable:3:1,2:1,1.5:1,1:1,1:1.5,1:2,1:3
BPM 2~150bpm
Bellow Big animal t:50-1600ml,small animal:0-300ml
Configuration list
Main unit 1 Include the ventilator,bellow,bellow
tray,flowmeter,CO2 absorber,selectatec
bar,chassis,oxygen flush
Anesthesia Vaporizer 1 Isoflurane,Halothane,Sevoflurane,Enflurane
With temperature, flow and pressure
Breathing circuit 1
Gas airbag0.5L,1L,3L 3
Reusable Silicon pipeline 1 Ф22×1000
Oxygen hose 1
Y-connector 1 With pressure differential sampling connector
Trolley 1
Regulator Optional
Anesthesia ventilator Optional Model:DAV80V
Anesthesia monitor Optional Model:DAM85V
Non-Breathing circuit Optional
Veterinary Mask Optional DAM80
Laryngoscope Optional
Endotracheal intubation Optional
Exhaust gas recovery tank Optional DE0602


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