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Portable Trolley doppler ultrasound machine is one kind of our ultrasounds, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other ultrasounds, such as portable ultrasound machinehome ultrasound machine3d ultrasound machinehandheld ultrasoundveterinary ultrasoundcolor ultrasound.

CE Proved 3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine with trolly
Product Name:  3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine / 4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16
Latest Price: US $11300-17700 /Set
Model No.:  MSLCU16
Weight:  Net weight:77 Kg
Minimum Order Quantity:  1 Set Set/Sets
Supply Ability:  300 Sets per Year
Payment Terms:  T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

Quick Details

3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine / 3D Color cardiac USG MSLCU16
1.15" Monitor,Cardiac Scanner 
2.With trolley 
3.CW option package

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging detail:Standard export package
Delivery detail:within 7-10 workdays after receipt of payment


3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine / 4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16

Features of this 3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine:

·Full digital imaging technology
·Broadband Multi-frequency probes
·512/1024 frame cine loop
·8 segment TGC
·Powerful information management
·Complete application software packages
·Large capacity hard disk
·Compatible with laser/inkjet printers

Photos of Our 3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine:


4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16


3D Color cardiac USG Excellent Diagnostic photos:

Endocavity ultrasound

It's a part of intervention ultrasound,which is mainly composed of vagina,esophagus,recta and gastro scope ultrasound.It can prevent the air and skeleton from affecting ultrasonic examination,and at the same time,it uses high-frequency probe.,therefore a clear image can be received.
Intervention ultrasound
It's branch of modern ultrasonic medicine.Ultrasound puncture technology not only can be used in cytologic examination,histology biopsy,intravenous radiography,and percutaneous puncture intravenous radiography,but also can be used in therapeutic examination including percutaneous puncture drainage technology,medicament injection and so on.It's simple and convenient,and is characterized by the advantages like high positive rate,safety,sensitivity,and clear image.
3D imaging
The computer can process and rebuild the ultrasonic echo collected according to the required image,and display the three-dimensional image.It's helpful to locate space,improve spatial resolution,and can make precise quantitative analysis (such as the measurement of volume),so as to provide all-round ultrasound patterns for clinic.

3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine MSLCU16

3D Color cardiac ultrasound machine MSLCU16 for sale

Color Doppler Energy-gram (CDF)
It's totally new ultrasound pattern processing model.It's a color blood stream displaying method with Doppler shift strength (amplitude) as the information source,which can get rid of the dependence on detection angle in routine CFM display: meanwhile it won't generate Alias spurious image,so it can display the minor blood vessels and low speed blood stream clearly.
Color Doppler Direction Energy-gram (DCDE)
It's a directive Doppler energy-gram,which is the combination of energy Doppler and color Doppler.This technology can combine the advantages of these two.It can display the speed and direction of blood stream,and can display the low speed and low-flow blood stream with Doppler energy-gram as well.
Excellent 2D imagine technology (2D)
It adopts super high density and ultra-wideband probe as well as high-efficiency matching layer and strongly absorbing materials to eliminate near field disturbance for the convenience of observing the shallow tissues.The unique digital signal processing technique can reduce energy loss and increase penetrability to allow the high-frequency probe to detect deep tissues.Besides,it adopts optimization control to physical sign image(PSI) so that patients with different signs can enjoy the same treatment.
4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16 for sale
Many Operating Modes: 
·3D mode imaging in fundamental and harmonic mode
·M mode with advanced cine loop and image review
·Color doppler velocity mode
·Power doppler mode(CDE)
·Directional color power doppler mode(DCDE)
·Pulsed wave spectral doppler mode(PW)
·Continuous wave spectral doppler mode(CW)
·Duplex mode
·Triplex mode
·Split screen real time display mode in 2D/2D or 2D/color
Easy Operation: 
User-centric ergonomic keyboard control panel
On/Off task light and back-lit illumination of keyboard control panel
Customized soft key selections displayed on screen provide easy and immediate access control
Wrist support to help reduce operator repetitive stress injuries
Multi-directional articulating monitor arm to furtherimprove ergonomics
4D Color cardiac USG with trolly MSLCU16 image share
Extended clinical capabilities
Urological and Prostate
Vascular and small organ
Surgical scanning


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what will you get


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